RUNThe Inobits RUN business unit is complementary to the DEVELOP and BUILD divisions, in that – following an implementation – it is able to remain engaged with the client in order to assist in the integration of the solution into the customers’ environment and to ensure that it remains healthy and productive for the client.

After all, it is one thing to deploy a fantastic solution, but quite another to ensure it is kept operational and continues to provide the desired business benefits. RUN’s role is to walk this longer-term path side by side with the customer, to ensure that full value is obtained from the implemented solution.

RUN also provides customers with on-going analysis and feedback on the data it gathers from the clients’ environments. In this way, the clients’ IT management is kept constantly appraised of the state of their IT environment and potential challenges that may arise. This assists them in their decision-making, making it much simpler for them to optimise their IT service delivery and the effectiveness of their infrastructure solutions.

The core strength of RUN lies in its ability to obtain strategic depth from its relationship with the other Inobits divisions. Thanks to this cross-pollination, these business units are able to assist with complex challenges, as required.

For example, while RUN will provide the client with on-going maintenance and support, it will make use of BUILD to evaluate the customers’ environment and to assist in the recommendation, design and implementation of optimisation mechanisms. In this way, it is able to ensure that the environment is healthy before the RUN engagement even begins.

Furthermore, during the on-going engagement, RUN may encounter issues with the clients’ applications or applications architecture, in which case DEVELOP will be brought in to optimise this.

This symbiotic relationship between the Inobits business units is the key differentiator between the company and its competitors. Inobits is able to provide a genuinely holistic service to the customer.

You could say that Inobits as a whole functions much like an orchestra – composing a perfect-fit solution for its clients by borrowing notes from DEVELOP, BUILD and RUN in order to create the perfect melody for each individual customer.

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