developWe build what you cannot buy

At most organizations today, if there is a need to be met by IT the prevailing trend today is to buy / license “off the shelf” software products. Most software today offers a certain level of flexibility and extensibility – meaning that organizations can adapt and adjust these software solutions in order to accomplish their needs. While this is a perfectly acceptable strategy – it is not always feasible. As many organizations have discovered, there are still a niche portion of their requirements that cannot be met adequately or elegantly with off the shelf products. It is in these cases that building new software solutions – custom made for the organization’s needs – becomes the only realistic alternative.

Custom software solutions

At Inobits, we have a 14 year history of building software solutions for customers around the world. During this time we have spent over 500 man-months developing over 40 solutions for companies big and small, from the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, clothing factories in Capetown, most of the big banks in South Africa, to international telecommunications corporations. We still support many of these customers running our software for over a decade. We have a solid reputation for delivering solutions in-time and on-budget.

What we build

We develop software according to your needs, be it highly secure or highly scalable. Most of the solutions we build for customers center around data – capturing, moving, transforming, analyzing or visualizing data – normally either in volumes or at speed. We have experience in integration with a variety of Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems.

Examples of some of the solutions we have built for customers:

• Identity Management Portal – Joiners, Movers, Leavers – managing the lifecycle of permanent employees’ electronic identities – integrating with HR, Active Directory, Payroll, etc.

• External Worker Identity Lifecycle Management – managing all contractors, visitors, external workers while integrating with SAP, Oracle, AD, HR, etc.

• Business Continuity solution that manages relevant processes, documents, reports, compliance. • Certification Management system – a secure certification system that facilitates writing exams, issuing certificates and manages the user’s certification path through a complex set of disciplines and product versions.

• Central Financial Reports – a secure, distributed system that automates the extraction of debtor data from different, decentralized ERP systems and provide daily, centralized reports.

Several of our customers (e.g. some of the big Banks and Telecommunication companies) are subject to Sarbanes Oxley and several other legal frameworks. When required, our solutions have been hardened and extended in order to meet the stringent security and audit requirements of these legal frameworks.

How we engage

Since our solutions are only based on your requirements, we normally start by first spending quality time with you – learning about your requirements and your long term desired outcomes. Once the problem and solution is properly understood, we start building your solution. Instead of only delivering a finished product several months later, we typically deliver regular releases of the solution every few weeks – ensuring you have an early and continuous view of what is being built. Once the solution is deployed, we typically provide proper training on the solution, and offer you the option to enter into a support agreement with us – making sure the solution keeps delivering the value you need. As your requirements change over time, we can adapt the solution to evolve as you do.

Our platform

Here at Inobits, we use a combination of platforms and tools to develop solutions:

• Microsoft’s .NET platform

• Microsoft SQL Server


• Microsoft Azure’s Platform as a Service building blocks

We are using some of the latest techniques and technologies to build the future:

• Web / Cloud based designs

• Event Driven Architecture

• Reactive Programming

• Multi-Agent Systems

• Web Sockets


A few examples of the types of applications we create:

• HTML5 Web Applications targeting PC, tablets, smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry)

• WPF Applications with a rich user experience

• Integration data flows between SQL Server, Oracle, MQ Series, SAP, Tivoli, Active Directory, LDAP, NDS, etc.

Advice on Azure

Inobits have been early adopters of Microsoft’s Azure platform, and have been helping customers evaluating and building environments and solutions that use the variety of components that Azure offers.

AZDPS – Azure Deployment Service

Microsoft often includes AZDPS vouchers with several of their licensing options. If your organization has AZDPS vouchers, you can use them to engage Inobits at no costs to you. An AZDPS engagement could vary from 1 to 15 days in length, and involves us spending time with you to introduce you to Azure, and help you to discover how Azure could potentially benefit you. If the AZDPS engagement is longer than 5 days it could also include a Proof of Concept, in which the feasibility of your using Azure for a specific workload is established.

Developing software solutions in the cloud

Microsoft’s Azure platform offers many different components and building blocks – making solutions that would traditionally be quite expensive much more affordable, and even unlocking new types of solutions that were previously unfeasible. Inobits can build new solutions that exploits the nature and benefits of the cloud – creating elastic solutions that reaches every platform – from Android, to Apple, to Windows. Maybe we can help you – either with advice, or development.

Do you have the need to:

• Use smartphones to capture / interact with business data / location information?

• Capture lots of measurements quickly – at Internet scale?

• Analyze fast moving streams of data in real-time?

• Analyze these large data sets using the new capabilities of the Cloud?

• Learn how Azure can enable you to do more, for less?

Why Inobits Dev is special

Inobits’ Development department has a long history with Microsoft – both in South Africa and internationally. Over the last 14 years Inobits has often engaged customers on Microsoft’s behalf – either as consultants, developers, presenters or trainers. We have a history of growing our staff –actively developing their talents and potential – and giving them the platform and opportunities to build a name for themselves.

Events where Inobits developers have participated as presenters / speakers 

• Tech’Ed 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

• Office 2003 Readiness in EMEA (5 countries)

• .NET and Visual Studio 2003 launch in EMEA (7 countries)

• SQL Server 2005 Readiness in EMEA (7 countries)

• .NET and Visual Studio 2005 launch in EMEA (6 countries)

• Office 2007 Readiness in EMEA (5 countries)

• SQL Server 2008 Readiness in EMEA (7 countries)

• SQL Server 2014 Readiness in EMEA (2 countries)

• SQL 2014 Boot camp Keynote speaker Most Valuable Professionals

• MVP: MIIS / ILM (Almero Steyn – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)

Books and Whitepapers Authored for Microsoft Microsoft engaged Inobits to author these publications – which were published under Microsoft’s name. 

• Microsoft Official Curriculum: Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 (2008-2009)

• Website and Web Application Capacity Planning (2000)

• Security – Threat Modeling and Management (2002)

Culture At Inobits, our developers have a culture of learning, knowledge sharing and helping each other. With regular team meetings, brainstorming sessions, code review session and exploring new technologies and techniques – we strive to stay on top of the latest development and techniques.

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