buildInobits’ BUILD business unit has the simple aim of effectively delivering infrastructure that offers good value to the customer. Such infrastructure encompasses security and authentication systems, communications mechanisms, information and data storage and management solutions, as well as monitoring, backups and the management of devices.

It is clear then that managing a modern IT infrastructure effectively is an incredibly complex matter and is much like building a large jigsaw puzzle, in that if you do not have all the relevant pieces in place, there will be obvious gaps.

Inobits’ BUILD team is able to look holistically at all the various requirements and clearly understand the customers’ pain points. Once this is achieved, it becomes a simple process to determine how the existing situation can be improved upon. In such a situation, the focus is not on deploying products, but is instead seen as a focused, long term process to improve and optimise the clients’ systems. The ultimate aim of such an approach is to improve the maturity of the IT systems and advance both their decision-making capabilities and their ability to deliver useful services to the business as a whole.

The BUILD team generally works with customers over a multi-year period, as it is a long-term process to ensure that IT environments are made more efficient and are thus better able to deal with the increasing demands of modern business. Inobits invests a lot of time and money into developing its skills in this arena and as such, BUILD has exceptional talent that it can bring to bear on customers’ infrastructure challenges. When these skills are coupled to the company’s strong DEVELOP function, it means that the infrastructure engineers have access to the experience and knowledge of colleagues who have a deep understanding of software and its relationship to the physical architecture.

A key differentiator is the fact that one of BUILD’s chief goals is to assist customers in skilling their own staff up, when it comes to operating their systems. The aim is to make their employees more capable and thereby provide the client with the ability to look after their hardware internally. In this way, the level of trust between the two organisations is increased and BUILD becomes a strategic part of the customers’ overall IT decision-making process.

Of course, in instances where the customer prefers to fully outsource such functionality, Inobits is able to assist them, thanks to the company’s RUN division.

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