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Inobits – Delivering Innovative Business and IT Solutions

Businesses today face a conundrum: in the face of an increasingly competitive market, there is a clear need to continuously improve and upgrade one’s technology solutions. At the same time, however, an underperforming economy means that it is vital to cut costs. The question, then, is how can enterprises today reconcile the need to drive IT maturity up while at the same time driving costs down?

The answer is simple – by talking to Inobits, the frontrunner in the provision of quality business solutions. Inobits is a company that is proud of its ability to deliver quality that is cost effective, while consistently driving further innovation.

Established in 1999 as a specialised Microsoft consulting and training house, Inobits today occupies a niche market in the corporate customer environment, providing high-value professional services, focused on Microsoft and related products and technologies.

Inobits has a strong reputation in the industry and attracts highly skilled personnel. In fact, the company’s highly experienced development and core infrastructure team has a total of some 174 years collective experience in the sector. These are skilled people who are renowned for their ability to deliver quality products, both in time and on budget.

The company is constantly expanding and leveraging its partner network and international presence, while maintaining and building a motivated, competent and disciplined consulting team. These consultants are able to bring a whole new level of experience and in-depth knowledge to the table, enabling them to tackle the most complex challenges that customers face.

Inobits takes pride in working closely with its clients to clearly map their current IT maturity, before developing a roadmap to take the customer on a journey to IT excellence. In this way, it lives up to its name: Innovative Business and IT Solutions.

Moreover, Inobits as a company is and always has been at the forefront of Microsoft developments and launches. This means that whenever there is a technology wave, Inobits will always be at the crest of it, enabling its customers to gain access to this technology excellence immediately.

Regularly selected by Microsoft to be one of the software giant’s South African rapid deployment partners (RDP), Inobits has built its reputation on delivering cost efficiencies, improved processes and high level skills and expertise. In this way, the company is able to ensure that each and every customer has complete peace of mind – in short, Inobits stands for quality.

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